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KL Consulting

Kershaw Leonard is proud to introduce our newly opened division – KL Consulting.  

The global economic crisis means more and more organisations are looking at staffing levels within their organisations and making budgetary cuts to cope with the changing financial landscape. KL Consulting has been formed to precisely address these issues and can now offer a wide range of consultancy based outsourced HR assistance and through association, can also offer outsourced financial and payroll functions. 

Industry resources estimate that successful outsourcing engagements can yield up to 40% savings on the cost of support functions. Whilst cost saving is a key driver for outsourcing, there are many other significant advantages: 

·        A diverse range of professionals can be utilised on an as-needed basis; 

·        Consultants’ wide-ranging ‘hands-on’ experience can be utilised to quickly address your HR needs, train or upgrade existing staff; 

·        Update your own policies, procedures, documentation and general HR practises to the very latest local and global standards; 

·        Departments that do not have full time requirements can be serviced more cost effectively on a modular or project driven basis. 

If you feel that KL Consulting can add value and assist you during these challenging times, please contact the KL Consulting Managing Partner, Joy Hynes on 

 04 422 8970.